When will 'MeshView' become available?

I am struggling to properly define an interface between two subdomains and I think with ‘MeshView’ it will be resolved.
I understand that this class is avaiable on docker. However, I do not understand how to run my code via docker, ideally I would like to run my python codes from my pc (the host) on docker. When following instructions in the fenics docs I keep receiving the error that my python files cannot by found in my shared folder…

MeshView is indeed available in the mixed-dimensional Docker container. Using the -v option when running the Docker container, you can have access to your local files (for ex. your python scripts) from the container :

docker run -it -v $(pwd):/home/fenics/shared ceciledc/fenics_mixed_dimensional

This command mounts the current working directory $pwd into the shared directory in the container. It should work if the files you want to run are accessible from that current directory, but of course you can also replace $(pwd) by a path to the directory where you have your python scripts.