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Here are a few tips to help get your question answered:

  • Phrase the title of your post as a question and make it meaningful.
  • Check that your question hasn’t been asked before using the search functionality.
  • Post a “minimum working code example” (MWE) to illustrate the problem:
    A MWE is the simplest piece of code that reproduces or explains the problem you have.
    It must be possible to take the MWE, paste it into a file and run it, without any extra modifications. Good MWEs can be as little as 10 lines of code. If you can remove a line of code from your MWE and still show your problem, then you don’t have an MWE!
  • Do not post lengthy application code!
  • Post the full error message created by your MWE.
  • Report the version of FEniCS you are using, how you installed it (Docker, conda-forge, hashdist, manual source install etc.), and the platform.
  • Use code formatting and math typesetting where possible.
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'<' not supported between instances of 'Mesh' and 'Mesh'
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Set domain length as a variable
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'<' not supported between instances of 'Mesh' and 'Mesh' Error
Solution to PDE is rubbish, shouldn't it be easy?
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How to save solution in .txt format?
Toddler in Fenics
Discontinuous type Argument must be restricted
Non integer power doesn't work
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ufl.log.UFLException: Cannot determine geometric dimension from expression
Multi-conditional judgement
Time dependent Neumann BC leads to Calling FFC just-in-time (JIT) compiler at every timestep
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ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 2) in solver part
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Error in ploting
Heat equation with temperature-dependent source terms
Exception: Expecting scalar
Plot output results axis
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Runtime error while executing dirichlet BC
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Issue with scaling up the simulation while running in parallel
Conversion from array to PETSc and from PETSc to array
Code not running in parallel

The following is a list of well constructed questions adhering to the guidelines above:

  1. Getting cell dofs for vector valued function space in dolfinx
  2. Problem with 3D nedelec element
  3. What is the “default” linear solver/preconditioner?
  4. Setting Dirichlet boundary condition/constraint on 3D edges
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